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Success Stories

Success Stories


Independence Comes In Many Forms

Learning New Skills is Independence

Natalie beams with self confidence after learning how to successfully operate a machine that processes 1,000 invoices an hour.

It took a leap of faith, patience and determination for her to grow her economic independence and self confidence.

Natalie worked for over five years as a courtesy clerk for Albertson’s Super Market until she was laid off due to the company’s closure of 17 stores in Orange County, Ca. For over five months, she was unsuccessful obtaining another position at other super markets in her community.

With the urging of her job development team at My Day Counts, she was willing to try and learn a completely new set of job skills. The job was to operate a state of the art invoice mailing machine at Nobel Bio Care a long time employer of adults with disabilities here in Orange County.

Today, Natalie is a part of the team at Nobel Bio Care where she works 15 hours a week processing the company’s daily invoices and other mail correspondences. “We appreciate all of her hard work. She helps our department complete the work on time,” stated Alison of Nobel Bio Care.

Natalie lives independently and shares an apartment with two other young women. She enjoys shopping, spending time with her family and friends. Natalie reflects, “quality time is important to me.”


Mobility is Independence

The look of joy and accomplishment on Stanley’s face was priceless when he stood and walked for the first time in his 60 years of life.

Thanks to the generous contributions of our donors, our agency is able to purchase equipment that result in triumphant moments like these.

Stanley became a client in My Day Counts Work Service Program in August of 1991. Even though he is non-verbal and in a wheelchair, Stanley continually advocated to participate in paid work assignments.

He made his wishes known to work on jobs that some might consider beyond his capabilities. Through his perseverance and determination, he often surprised everyone with what he was able to accomplish.

Stanley’s latest adventure has been his transition to Life Unlimited, an internal program within My Day Counts where the services focus on sensory, physical therapy and experiential activities. He visited the program and once again advocated to be transferred to a situation he felt was best for him. He has greatly benefited from all this program has to offer, from daily transferring out of his wheel chair, to all the sensory equipment that is offered.

Stanley Roach is an inspirational example of an individual with disabilities who does not allow his limitations to stop him from trying. He is a fierce self-advocate who has seen great changes in his life as a result.


Please support and join the companies who hire our well trained and loyal people with special needs. These companies are helping by sharing our awareness message down barriers in our community. If your company is interested in hiring please contact us to see how we can work together.