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About Us


My Cup Counts® is a manufacturer and co-packer of high quality single-serve beverage products. We provide exceptional and unique value to our customers through: Sourcing, Customization, Packaging, Distribution and our Social Responsibility Awareness Mark. We are also proud to provide training and jobs to adults with disabilities. My Cup Counts® is a division of My Day Counts® / OCAAC. We provide jobs & services to over 750 adults with disabilities with a staff of over 150 people, in our 60,000 square foot facility. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, established 1951.


As our economy improves, the unemployment rate has lowered to 5%. However, the unemployment rate for disabled people is still at 78% (Source: Cal DDS), which should be unacceptable. It remains stagnant because these individuals are not properly prepared. Furthermore, as minimum wage increases, employers are forced to be more selective in their hiring decisions. Good News… My Cup Counts, along with its’ generous donors, have built a state-of-the-art manufacturing and training facility, specifically to solve this problem by providing goods and services of consumable products, which are distributed worldwide. Our strong and growing customer base enables us to utilize our unique integrated environment to teach transferable skills to our adults with disabilities community. But that’s not all… Our role is to guide them to become well rounded, independent members of our community and support them through the next phase of their lives. Join us in overcoming these barriers and help adults with disabilities reach their goals and enrich our community.