| About Us Now… What we are doing behind the scenes.
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About Us Now… What we are doing behind the scenes.

About Us Now… What we are doing behind the scenes.

My Cup Counts® is a manufacturer and co-packer of high quality single-serve beverage products. We provide exceptional and unique value to our customers through: Sourcing, Customization, Packaging, Distribution and our Social Responsibility Awareness Mark.

We are also proud to provide training and jobs to people with special needs. My Cup Counts® is a division of My Day Counts® / OCAAC. We provide jobs & services to over 750 adults with disabilities with a staff of over 150 people, in our 60,000 square foot facility. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, established 1951.

What does that mean to our local community on the day to day?  What can it mean on the large scale of things… 

There are many special needs adults that have no where to seek help on job training after the age of 18 or aging out of school.

At this point those adults who would like to continue to learn, become educated in a specific job trait or just be part of a work place that supports hitting your life goals in general at the ability of the individual, this is the place… My Day Counts is just that.

To back up these efforts and training, My Cup Counts is also doing it’s part to provide that above and beyond support, so that together the two can empower many. It begins locally and grows nationally.

From the moment you step into our facility you know that the positive energy is part of the story to the daily.

There are all sorts of abilities and skill levels, as in any work place, so there are opportunities for many to take on a job task that they can responsibly and efficiently handle. That is part of the best thing we see daily… A task that is a challenge to some but easy to others being mastered and completed!

Please see all the details on our mission and dream here and find out how you too can support both My Day Counts and My Cup Counts.

Follow us on Social Media and see what’s going on with our Partners and Supporters. You can also enter our contests on Social Media by taking a Selfie and Posting with Hashtag #MyCupCounts

Be Part of the Story. It’s a beautiful one… Great Coffee Doing Good Things!